Quoddy Bay LNG:

Quoddy Bay LNG is an Oklahoma-based energy development company that was formed in 2004 by Smith Cogeneration Management to site, construct and operate an LNG import and regasification facility on the Pleasant Point Reservation in Washington County, Maine. Members of Quoddy Bay were initially invited to construct the facility by members of the Passamaquoddy Tribe. With the signing of the Ground Lease Agreement, both Reservation and the company have committed to the development of the most advanced and reliable onshore LNG terminal in the United States.

Project Overview & Purpose

Quoddy Bay

Project Description

Quoddy Bay LNG, L.L.C. proposes to site, construct, and operate the Quoddy Bay LNG Import and Regasification Terminal Project at Pleasant Point and Perry, Washington County, Maine.

  • Our project includes an LNG terminal facility that is comprised of four main components:
  • The LNG Import and Regasification Facility (Import Facility), which includes a pier, two vessel berths, and a regasification process platform;
  • The Split Rock Support Facility (Support Facility), which includes a control building, office and warehouse;
  • The LNG transfer pipelines and vapor return line (LNG Transfer System); and,
  • The Onshore Storage and Regasification Facility (Storage Facility), which includes three storage tanks, electric generation equipment, and a regasification facility.

The LNG Import Terminal will be located at the Pleasant Point Reservation of the Passamaquoddy Tribe. The storage facility will be located in the Town of Perry.

The Project includes a 35.8-mile-long natural gas sendout pipeline to transport natural gas from the LNG Terminal to the interstate natural gas pipeline in the Town of Princeton. The Sendout Pipeline originates at the Import Facility in Western Passage of Passamaquoddy Bay and extends northwest through the Reservation and the Towns of Perry, Pembroke, Charlotte, Cooper, Alexander, and Princeton before reaching the interstate natural gas pipeline interconnect. An aboveground facility will be located at the interconnect location and will provide custody transfer metering, pressure regulation, gas preheat equipment, and other ancillary equipment.

Purpose and Need

The Quoddy Bay LNG Project has two core goals: to provide the Passamaquoddy Tribe with a source of economic growth and independence and to supply New England with natural gas to meet growing demand with a reliable supply.

The Quoddy Bay Project will provide the Passamaquoddy Tribe with a steady source of revenue and jobs, while also providing economic stimulus to all of Washington County, Maine.

The Project will import, receive, store, vaporize, and transport LNG and the related natural gas to provide lower cost gas at stable prices to Maine and Southern New England. The Project will add to the diversity of supply of natural gas, thereby decreasing the dependency on U.S. reserves and on other fuels that have more harmful effects on the environment.

Project Location

The Quoddy Bay LNG facility is located in Washington County, Maine. Vessels will travel to the facility from the Bay of Fundy which is east of Maine and Nova Scotia. From the Bay of Fundy vessels will travel through a system of waterways known as Head Harbour Passage and Western Passage which are connected to the Passamaquoddy Bay. (see map)

Quoddy Bay’s Import Facility will extend into Western Passage and is located on a land mass known as Split Rock. This is part of the Pleasant Point Reservation. (see map)

Quoddy Bay’s Storage Facility is connected via a Transfer System that runs underneath Half Moon Cove over to the Town of Perry, Maine. (see map)

The Sendout Pipeline runs 35.8 miles to the northwest to connect to the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline in Princeton, Maine. Quoddy Bay’s pipeline will travel through the towns of: Perry, Pembroke, Charlotte, Cooper, Alexander, and Princeton. (see map)

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Project Overview


Quoddy Bay LNG, L.L.C. proposes to site, construct, and operate the Quoddy Bay LNG Import and Regasification Terminal Project at Pleasant Point and Perry, Washington County, Maine.